Edit for Impact and Achieve your Publishing Potential

Tap into our experience: We know what makes a great, high-impact, effective paper. We’ve published our own work in the top listed journals with big impact factors. We know how to sell ideas to leading journals and get research papers successfully published.

There are lots of companies to choose from.

Why us?

Our editors are all:

Subject area experts, currently working scientists in your field

Educated to PhD-level or higher


All native English speakers

Communication specialists – research impact

Why is our editing experience different?

We’ve talked to leading editors at international high-impact journals. We’ve been to hundreds of conferences and we’ve talked to the top five publishing companies. We know what makes a great, high-impact, effective paper.

Everyone wants to get their academic articles published in the best possible journals, those that are ISI/Scopus listed and that have the highest Impact Factors.

Rejection rates at leading journals are high. Nine out of ten papers submitted to top journals are rejected without review. Developing the core message of your paper is key and we can help.

How can you do this? Especially if English is not your first language?


The Answer: Use our services

We edit for Impact, not just excellent English.

Our team is unique. We are a group of academics, publishers, marketeers, and media specialists who have come together from around the world to help you achieve maximum impact from your research.

Although we will help you to get your papers published in high-impact journals, this is just half the battle in today’s competitive academic environment. Your career depends on impact and this does not come just from publications. Even the best papers, published in the best journals, are no good to you if no-one reads them; and, ideally, your work should be read by policymakers, the government, and widely covered in the media.

You deserve it.

What is Research Impact?


Value for money

Policymakers want to prove the value of university research



Research funding agencies need evidence of impact


Leading Strategy

An Integral part of any University’s research culture and strategy

We will help you to make sure your research makes a contribution. Impact is the good that researchers do in the world.

Our press and media packages will summarise your work in plain language, and will connect your research to other related outputs. Above all, we will help you tell the world that you have published!

Keep your work alive after publication by connecting it with new materials, measure which communications were most effective, and do more than your competitors!

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